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Ángeles Huerta

After completing a Phd in Comparative Literature, I spent some years teaching foreign languages and doing short films on a DIY basis. Aiming at a proper education in Filmmaking, I eventually moved to London in order to study in the Met Film School (based at the legendary Ealing Studios).

Before moving to London I shot several medium lenght films with my own students. The idea was to play with the big genres of cinema, like we did in the musical film Amore ossoleto (Obsolete Love) or in the peplum movie Roma è troppo lontana (Rome is too too far). They were all big opportunities to learn the basics of filmmaking as well as to move slowly to the decision of a change of career

Up till now I’ve made two short films in London. Normal people (a smartphone tragedy), which was shot at the Ealing Studios, is a black comedy about comunication problems in a perfectly regular couple. The film was selected in a section of the Festival de Cans (Pontevedra, Spain) devoted to interesting Spanish filmmakers in London. The second film I shot in England, The Fetch, is a surrealistic comedy inspired by Flann O’Brien’s The third policeman. It’s a film about two apparently unrelated men, that keep on bumping into each other all around London. This strange link seems to become true when someone locks their bicycles together, but this is only the beginning of an incredible journey into their own selves and their deeper secrets.

At the moment I am working on the scripts of two different feature films. On the one hand, a documentary film called Esquece Monelos (Forget Monelos). This one would be a film about a river. A river which was once source of life and memories, but nowadays is forgotten and buried underground. A secret flow that runs in pipes of waste. This river is located in the Spanish city of A Coruña, but it could be in any city of the world. It’s only a metaphor of the social contruction of memory and its reverse, oblivion.

On the other hand, I am also working on the script of a film set in La Palma (in the Canary Islands) at the beginning of the Spanish civil war. Due to different reasons (its isolation, but also the peculiar personality of its inhabitants) , the war broke out there a week later than in the rest of the country. In this film my main objective is to use a different narrativity to any other film about the Spanish civil war that was ever made before.

Ángeles Huerta (Photos: Sandra G. Rey)

Ángeles Huerta (Photos: Sandra G. Rey)