Esquece Monelos

My next project is the documentary film called Esquece Monelos (Forget Monelos). This one would be a film about a river. A river which was once source of life and memories, but nowadays is forgotten and buried underground. A secret flow that runs in pipes of waste. This river is located in the Spanish city of A Coruña, but it could be in any city of the world. It’s only a metaphor of the social contruction of memory and its reverse, oblivion.

Every city is somehow a representation of their inhabitants. Its growth always envolves a certain dose of violence. Building and destroying is part of the same process. The destruction of a place brings about all kind of personal destructions. But deep inside, human beings are just like cities. We are crossed by a number of secret flows, things that we once hid and later totally forgot about. Until, one day, it rains too hard and everything comes afloat.

This is not a film about the history of A Coruña. This is a film about memory, and therefore about identity.

I started to do research for this film in 2013. In january 2015 I started to work with Danga Danga Productions, and we hope to shoot it next autum.

TEASER ESQUECE MONELOS from Ángeles Huerta on Vimeo.