Io ti ailoviu (Amore Ossoleto)

Io ti ailoviu

Poster by Carlos Antonio Rivas

Io ti ailoviu (Amore Ossoleto) is a tribute to the classic musical films. It plays with genre but it also plays with gender, or at least with Italian stereotypes related to genre. The whole experience was born as an exercise I suggested to my Italian students, and it is actually the second of a trilogy I shot in the Escola Oficial de Idiomas of A Coruña between 2009 and 2013. The first film was Il padrino o qualcosa di simile, a tribute to mafia movies, and the last one was Roma è troppo lontana, a sword-and-sandal film, far enough from the Hollywood epics. In all of them I brought together my job as an Italian teacher with my ever increasing passion for filmmaking.

Obsolete Love follows the typical scheme of a rom-com. Paolo betrays his girlfriend, Francesca, with her best friend, Antonella, who doesn’t confess the affair to her. Paolo starts an anoying guerrila-style plan to reconquer Francesca’s love, following the instructions of his extremely chouvinistic friend, Valentino. In the meantime, Francesca has found a new love and Antonella drinks away her guilt and also her lust for Paolo…If you mix this story with old and contemporary Italian songs, and if you get your actors to dance as clumsy as we all normally do, maybe you don’t have the greatest film ever, but you do get lots and lots of fun…