Normal people

Duncan is a regular guy. Lucy is a regular girl. Duncan and Lucy are a normal couple. They could be anyone of us. Normal people is a tragicomedy that explores the difficult meaning of “normality”. We tend to identify the word “normal” with the concept “natural”, but in human societies almost everything is far from being natural. Society dictates the way we talk to each other, the way we love each other, and also the way we shouldn’t comunicate at all. We learn what is normal and what is weird, and then we take it absolutely for granted.

Normal people is a “what if…” game. What if talking without the help of electronic devices was absolutely banned? What if doing so implied an urgent need of therapy? Normal people started as an exercise during my studies in Met Film School, but it had the fortune of being selected for the 11th edition of the Festival de Cans. In 2014 they devoted a section of the festival to the work of galician filmmakers in London (“London canning”). I had the honour of being part of that section with other remarkable filmmakers, such as Borja Mucientes, Breixo Viejo or Pei Romero.

Normal People from Ángeles Huerta on Vimeo.

'Normal people' poster

Director and scriptwriter: Ángeles Huerta | With: Jeremiah O’Connor and Sophie Brooke | Assistant Director: Margarita Grant | Director of Photography: Femke Vollemberg | Sound: Julie Rocque and Elena Rubanik | Camera operator: Nic Carruccio | Music: Xabier Mera | Poster: Bea Pérez

Duration: 5 min | Produced in 2013 | Country: United Kingdom | Language: English | Category: Fiction | Genre: Comedy | Filmed in digital